Laminates To Achieve Your Decorating Goals

Today's laminates are available in a broad variety of handsomely crafted designs. Hiller Carpet provides an outstanding selection of laminates. You'll find laminates in vivid wood grains so natural looking you'd swear they were solid hardwood.

Others re-create the ornate appeal of tile or stone, while still providing the rugged durability at a value price that makes laminates so practical for any room in your home.

Whether you prefer the natural look of wood or stone, or the effect of colors and geometric patterns produced by artisans, you'll find a long-wearing laminate that will accomplish your decorating ideas within the budget you've set.

High Performance And High Fashion Combined

Laminate's smartly balanced combination of durability, good looks, and value pricing means you can expand your decorating ideas without increasing your budget or sacrificing quality.

Determine Who Will Perform The Floor Installation

The recent innovation of "Click" fitting strips has greatly simplified the installation process for laminate floors. The edges of each strip are designed to interlock with each other, "clicking" into place like the pieces of a well made puzzle.

"Click" strips require no nails, staples, or glue to stay securely in place. Some homeowners can perform their own installations, while many still prefer a more full-service professional installation.

Not all selections offer this feature, however, and the more conventional methods of securing a laminate floor are still in wide use for both the traditional floors as well as the new "click" products.

Lasting Durability

Rest assured the beautiful design you love today will remain beautiful in the years to come. Thanks to layered construction, laminate flooring absorbs the heavy traffic and hard use of an active family, while it continues to look as good as the day it was installed.